Leslie Brenner's Arugula and Potato Soup
Bill Granger's Corn Fritters

Happy Blogday


A year ago today, I took my heart in my hands and wrote the first post of this little blog of mine. While the idea of you going back and reading my first posts kind of makes me wants to stick small pins in my eye, it's pretty thrilling to still be here one year and 177 posts later.

Not only have I stumbled upon a little universe for myself where I've found countless other kindred spirits, discovered more new blogs and writers and cooks than I thought possible, and become penpals with some of my newspaper food world idols, but I've made some true friends for life, too. Pretty amazing when a year ago, I was hoping that my father wouldn't be the ONLY one reading every day (but thanks, Pops!).

So, with a virtual glass raised, here's to taking risks and jumping out into the big ship of Doing What You Want To. How will I be celebrating today? Well, I'm hoping you might help me with that. I have a small circle of loyal commenters, but I know that there are so many more readers out there and I'm dying to know a little bit about you. So, while it may not be National Delurking Day, I urge you to leave a comment: tell me about yourselves, where you live, what you do, how long you've been reading, what you like to cook, or even just say hi.


I won't bite, I promise. Thanks for reading, everyone.

Lots of love, Luisa