Hugo Bordin's Mussels in White Wine and Creme Fraiche
Jill Santopietro's Pork Loin with Grapes



I seem to have lost my mind. Because for the month of November, I'll be participating in National Blog Posting Month, spearheaded by M. Kennedy, blogger and t-shirt maker extraordinaire. What does that mean? I'll be posting every single day in November.




While I'm still looking for that extra time I desperately need to go to the gym, write the Great (or Not So) American Novel, sit and stare at a wall (sometimes quite a necessary pursuit) and feel plugged in to my life, my city, my friends and my sweetheart, I seem to have become bewitched by the challenge that NaBloPoMo presents.

Plus, there are prizes! So here goes nothing.

And yes, I'm totally counting this as my first post.