Craig Strong's Raisin-Filled Sugar and Spice Cookies
The Best Kind of Wednesday

Things I Am Learning


If I could visit Loteria Grill and eat this pepper (people, what kind of pepper is it?) stuffed with beans every day for lunch, life could never be blue. The little hash of almonds, raisins, beef, and cubed vegetables served alongside it would help, too.


Southern Californian drivers are kind, kind people. They make the drivers I learned from in Boston seem like downright barbarians. And don't even get me started on New Yorker cabbies. Wouldn't it be lovely to send all those jerks packing to LA where no one honks, people are patient, and there is nary a middle finger in sight?

The reason I have never liked dates is clearly because I was never offered the gloriously soft and sticky specimen that is the honey date, and since discovering honey dates two days ago, I have decided life is simply not worth living without them.


If you come to Los Angeles and leave without a meal at Triumphal Palace in Alhambra, or specifically, without ordering the Steamed Baby Bok Choy in Fish Broth or the Mustard Greens in Supreme Soup at Triumphal Palace in Alhambra, I'm not sure you can be helped.


There is a lemon tree in the backyard and there are lemons picked from this tree in our kitchen and somehow this little fact has kept me tickled pink for at least 12 hours. I think if we end up actually using the lemons, I will be entirely overwhelmed.